Student Spotlight: Dovie Jeffcoat

February 3, 2021

Dovie Jeffcoat Portrait

Dovie Jeffcoat, M.S. Graphic Communications, Clemson University

Student Spotlight

We “sat down” with Graphic Communications master’s student, Dovie Jeffcoat, to learn more about her Clemson experiences and plans for the future. Jeffcoat can be seen around the Sonoco Institute most days assisting with print trials, helping undergraduate students learn the equipment, collaborating on industry projects and much more. While she takes classes, Jeffcoat works as a Graduate Assistant in the Sonoco Institute’s Advanced Print Technologies Lab, where she also worked as an undergraduate assistant.

Sonoco Institute (SI): Tell us about some of the things you have going on at Clemson!

Dovie Jeffcoat (DJ): I am gearing up to hopefully focus on sustainable inks for flexography as part of my thesis research. Lately, I have been leading the graphics and print production for a student-led project the FRESH initiative at Clemson has been working on for their Food, Packaging & Sustainability Summit on Feb. 24-26. I’m on a team with several packaging students and we’ve worked together to design a goody box for the first 100 registrants. It was an excellent opportunity to see a print project through from start-to-finish, and that’s what the graphic comm experience is all about.

SI: What are your goals for the next couple of years? Do you have an idea of what your dream job(s) would be?

DJ: After completing my thesis and graduating with my M.S., I want a technical role in the flexo industry. A long-term goal of mine is to get my Ph.D. and become a professor.

SI: Why did you decide to pursue your master’s in Graphic Communications? Why GC in the first place?

DJ: I also completed my bachelor’s in GC at Clemson, so I am often asked why I decided to stay in the program. I knew I wanted to get my master’s, and I simply wasn’t finished with all I wanted to learn. Clemson’s GC department has offered the best equipment and facilities for me to continue my education in printing technologies.

Click here to read more about Jeffcoat’s undergraduate research into brand color consistency.

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