MLIIIs conduct FTX in preparation for Advanced Camp

March 22, 2017

The week of March 6th, during Battalion Lab, the MSI and MSII class Blog 1worked on Patrolling and Patrol Base Operations, focusing on the Leader’s Recon; an important part of any patrol. The MSII class has just begun taking on leadership roles in Patrolling Tactics as part of their curriculum and performed well for their first time. The MSIII class, during this time, was conducting a layout to make sure that everyone had the necessary equipment for their weekend field training exercise (FTX) at Fants Grove.

The MSIII weekend FTX was divided into two parts: Range Operations and Patrolling Operations. This summer, at Advanced Camp in Ft. Knox, Kentucky, the MSIII class will be required to qualify on the pop-up range with their standard issue M4 carbine rifle. In preparation for this, the MSIII’s spent Friday afternoon at the Picken’s Bend Range practicing their marksmanship skills. Afterwards, they rucked with all of their gear to Fants Grove to make a patrol base, where they spent the night in the woods before conducting a full day of Patrolling Lanes.

blog 2In other news, the Army ROTC Intramural Basketball Team recorded another W against a tough opponent this past weekend in their 5th game of the season, bringing their record to 4-1. As of now, they are ranked 2nd in the Division and have an almost guaranteed spot in the playoffs.

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