Leadership Lab in the Field for Spring Semester

February 5, 2019

This past week, the Clemson University Army ROTC went to Fants Grove to work on some of our Tactics in the Military Leadership Lab.  Here is a little bit on what two of our Cadets had to say about the experience:

“This weekend, the MLIII class had the opportunity to participate in an Advanced Field Training Exercise (FTX). The Cadets arrived around 0800, and shortly after received their paintball masks and guns. Step off was approximately 0900, where we started our movement towards our objective. It took about 7 hours total to complete our mission, and consisted of walking over 5 miles through the woods.

Our Platoon Leader for this mission was Frankie Martin, who did an incredible job planning out the entire mission. Frankie was given the mission a week in advance and took the time to meet with multiple instructors and classmates to formulate a plan. She even spent her Friday afternoon re-conning the sight where our mission would take place, to make sure her plan was ideal. On top of being an Engineering major (arguably one of the hardest majors at Clemson), Frankie found the time in her busy schedule to make sure we had a successful mission.

As Junior’s in college, we are expected to not only be a full time student, but also conduct all necessary training to commission as Second Lieutenants after we graduate. This means giving up our Sundays (or even Friday afternoons) to go and conduct FTXs, attend PT and ROTC lab that week on top of all of our other classes. Although it is tiring, the payoff is indescribably worth it.

These FTXs are a great way to learn the materials necessary for Advanced Camp at Fort Knox this summer, and to work on the MLIII class cohesiveness. It teaches us responsibility and working together to accomplish a common goal. Although waking up early on a Sunday morning is not ideal, it makes it 100x better knowing I get to spend the day with my MLIII class enhancing our knowledge on tactics in order to succeed at camp this summer.”

– CDT Flaherty


“For me, being able to contract into ROTC and start the road to service is both exciting and powerful. Service to ones country is a trend I am hoping to start in my family as I am first generation military and college. Having the opportunity to grow as a leader and a person while also attending one of the best universities in the country is a dream come true. There was a time when I never thought I’d be able to achieve my seemingly distant goals, but with the track that I am on, I have never been more excited to take on new obstacles and responsibilities. I am so thankful to those that saw the potential in me and to those who are working with me now to maximize that. For me, contracting is just the beginning of something great.”

-CDT Eisele

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