ML3s conduct Advanced Lab and FTX

September 11, 2018

After the first few PT sessions and ROTC labs of the year, Cadets were eager to get more involved and more comfortable within the Fightin Tiger Battalion. Ranger Challenge tryouts presented the first opportunity for Cadets to prove their desire to better themselves physically and tactically. Ranger Challenge is an event that takes place in late October in Virginia where Army ROTC programs within the same Brigade send a team to compete in events that test Cadet’s physical abilities and tactical knowledge. Our tryouts resulted in a team of talented freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior Cadets willing to put in extra time and energy every day for the next month and a half to represent Clemson and the Fightin Tigers at Ranger Challenge.

Also this week, the MLIIIs participated in an Advanced Lab that focused on one of the major skills Cadets will be tested on at Advanced Camp, the summer between their junior and senior year, land navigation. We were each given a compass, a map of the training area, a protractor, and coordinate points of place markers somewhere out in the woods. Though most activities in ROTC training involve teamwork and cooperation, this particular event relies on a single Cadet’s skill with the items they are given, and their comfort in the woods and unfamiliar terrain.

Another training opportunity the MLIIIs were given this week was an FTX (Field Training Exercise) that focused on the basics of battle drills. For many Cadets in my class, this was the first time we were put in leadership positions where our decisions directly affected the success or failure of our mission. After watching upperclassmen take responsibility for their Cadets and decisions over the past two years, it was very rewarding to finally experience the same thing. We learned how to successfully conduct a Squad Attack and React to Contact in the form of paintballs. As an MLIII, I’m excited to take advantage of the increased leadership and training opportunities I’ve been given already. I want to pass on as much knowledge as I can to my peers and underclassmen all while learning from them and everything that they have to offer our program here at Clemson.

-CDT Martin, Clemson University Army ROTC

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