3 Simple Ways to Kick Start Your Health & Wellness Journey 

March 11, 2022

Health and Wellness can be an intimidating topic. With its definition ranging from rigorous 7-day programs including 5:00am workouts and counting macronutrients to the contrary, taking simply 5-minutes a day to sit in meditation. While both definitions can be true, starting either can be challenging. In this article we’ll touch on simple things that can make starting your journey to your optimal wellness goal a little bit easier. 


  • Figure out what you really want 


Getting clear on what your intention of starting your health and wellness journey really is makes it a lot easier to keep going when it seems overwhelming. Ask yourself some of these questions: 

“What do I want to get out of this?” 

Do you want to improve your physical strength? Do you want to become more mindful? Do you want to show yourself that you can exercise discipline without the help of anyone else? Do you want to become better at cooking? Do you want to just know that you’re completing one task daily that contributes to your overall wellness? Figuring out what your “why” is and asking some of these questions can provide a lot of clarity and help you figure out where you want to begin on your journey. 


  • Set manageable and realistic goals 


It’s very easy to say that you want to be the type of person that wakes up early, goes to the gym everyday consistently, eats healthy, and drinks a gallon of water a day. However, those are 5 different changes you’d be making to your daily life. Realistically, incorporating all of these changes will result in 5 different habit changes, and all at once those could be very hard to keep up or will result in failure. If you fail at one of these goals early on it could be very easy to decide to give up early on, therefore setting smaller realistic goals in the beginning is the best way to create these new habits. 


  • Give yourself some grace 


Give yourself some grace, changing old habits is not an easy thing to do. I think the emphasis on this whole article should be on the fact that it is a journey. Most journey’s aren’t linear. There will be ups and downs, easy days and hard times, and those where you’re extremely motivated and some days where you’re not at all. Throughout all of them it’s extremely important to give yourself some room to make errors while keeping your goals in the forefront of your mind! 

Maylin and her brother staying active together.

Maylin Lindsey, Communication Intern

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