SC Space Grant Student Opportunities for 2020/21

December 11, 2019

The SC Space Grant Consortium is offering 8 different student opportunities for 2020-2021. Specific details about each program can be found at the SC Space Grant website:

All of the student applications will be due by 5pm Friday, January 31, 2020.  

The programs include:

*Graduate Research Fellowship,
*Kathryn D. Sullivan Earth and Marine Science Fellowship,
*Undergraduate Student Research Award,
*Minorities in STEM Research Award,
*STEM Outreach awards,
*Technical College Research Award,
*NASA Center Internships,
*Palmetto Academy Student applications to various PA sites across SC –

  • Dr. Frank Chen, USC, Oxygen Production from Carbon Dioxide to Support NASA’s Planetary Exploration Missions
  • Dr. Quishi Chen, Clemson University, Characterization of Lunar Regolith Simulants and Their Feasibility for in situ Resource Utilization
  • Dr. Ana Oprisan, College of Charleston, Two-scale factor Universality in Oxygen: Experiments Under Density Gradient
  • Dr. Sorinel Oprisan, College of Charleston, Altered Time Perception Under Stress – The Role of (Micro)gravity Stressor in Time Perception
  • Dr. Sudeep Popat, Clemson University, Electrochemical Ammonia Stripping for Nitrogen Recovery from Yellow Water during Space Missions
  • Dr. Sakamuri Reddy, MUSC, IER3 Gene Expression during Osteoclast Differentiation
  • Dr. Ya-Ping Sun, Clemson University, Student Participation in Developing Nanomaterials-Derived Technologies for Space Applications
  • Dr. Theodore Them, College of Charleston, The Mesozoic mass extinction trifecta: Reconstructing the drivers of extinction during the end-Triassic, Pliensbachian-Toarcian, and end-Cretaceous mass extinctions