Clemson University Guide Association Application

June 29, 2021

Below is an opportunity from the Clemson University Guide Association with information about how to apply to be a tour guide for the 2021-2022 academic year.

My name is Sam Moody and I am serving alongside Caroline Long as the director of recruitment for the Clemson University Guide Association (CUGA) this year. We wanted to introduce ourselves and reach out to you to ask for your help. We are looking to make our organization a full representation of the university. We would appreciate it if you could send out an email to your students telling them about this exciting opportunity, or reach out to individual students that you think would be interested and a good fit for this organization. Our guides are given the unique opportunity to not only give tours of the university to prospective students and families, but they also have the chance to become part of another student’s Clemson story. If you have any questions, or any students with questions, please feel free to contact us. I have linked the application in the bottom of this email for easy access but it is also available on TigerQuest.

Thank you and we look forward to this year’s recruitment season!

Sam Moody and Caroline Long