National Brick Research Center (NBRC) at Clemson University Job Posting

September 28, 2021

Here is the linked-in ad:

Here is a short job description (it includes more information than the linked in post):

We are in search of a new lab specialist to join the team here at the National Brick Research Center (NBRC) at Clemson University. I just wanted to emphasize some of the daily tasks that the in-person lab specialist position entails for those interested!

The preliminary task will be sample preparation. This includes receiving samples (mostly raw materials or fired bricks), logging them in, grinding samples in the puck mill grinder, and using the analytical balance to prepare samples for various assessments. The lab specialist will follow written procedures to perform X-Ray Diffraction, Chromatography, Dilatometry etc.. … Additionally, the technician will maintain the general lab area by cleaning and calibration of equipment, keeping records of maintenance performed, ensuring equipment is working properly, and keeping our work area clean and orderly.

The NBRC is an industrially funded organization providing research, education, and service to producers and users of clay bricks and other materials (tile, mortar, and ceramics). The NBRC is a stellar environment to gain analytical and professional experience! Please view our website for more information at .  Please let me know if you have any additional questions about the position.