Summer 2022 FACT: Research Experience for Undergraduates on Phenomics Big Data Management

January 18, 2022

Washington State University has an undergraduate research experience project (similar to NSF REU) on phenomics data. More details can be found at:   

Dates: June 1 -August 2, 2022

Support includes:

  • Stipend = $4,500
  • Travel and housing support

Application deadline: February 20, 2022

Application link

Brief abstract:

Crop phenomics is a new transdisciplinary field of research that is a critical interface between plant biology, engineering, and data sciences. Phenomics data refers to sensory data acquired from high-throughput sensing/automation equipment that are associated with crop phenotypes/traits. Crop phenotyping is a complex process as the plant phenotype results from interactions between the genetic framework, dynamically changing environment, and complex plant physiology. In recent years, phenomics technologies have challenged traditional crop phenotyping approaches, especially for efforts towards crop improvement. The strong motivation for this project comes from the need to develop unique interdisciplinary skillset and promote genuine interest among undergraduate students in this field of research for phenomics data-driven discoveries for impact on global food security. In this project, our diverse team of eight faculty mentors, actively pursuing research in topics associated with phenomics big data management research such as development of automated sensing/image processing tools, phenomics data-based visualization, and phenomics data-based variety development will provide educational and outreach benefits to traditional and underrepresented undergraduate students by providing an immersive research experience for about 9 weeks. The activities will include participation in : Phenomics data boot camp, field trips, field day, WSU summer research symposium, brown bag seminars, and graduate education seminar.