IMET Undergraduate Summer Internship

January 11, 2023

IMET Undergraduate Summer Internship

June 5, 2023 – August 4, 2023

Apply by February 10, 2023 for best consideration

Marine and environmental sciences are crucial for the future of human health, food, water and energy. The nine-week internship connects you to a hands-on research project. Interns will receive an orientation to working in a lab, seminars on molecular techniques relevant to fisheries, aquaculture, energy production, and environmental research. Group activities will promote science communication, professional and life skill development.

IMET and UMCES are committed to creating opportunities for a diverse body of undergraduates to enable and encourage students from underserved communities to continue on to higher degrees and careers in marine and environmental science.

Internship Benefits: This full time internship includes a stipend of $5,400 for the nine-week period. IMET intends to provide no-cost summer housing for students from outside the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Internship Eligibility: This internship is most applicable to undergraduate students studying biology, marine science, environmental science, and other related degrees. (Preference will be given to rising juniors and seniors.)

Students from educational backgrounds with limited access to research opportunities and students from underserved communities with an interest in marine science and environmental science are welcomed and encouraged to apply.