SC Space Grant Palmetto Academy NOW accepting additional applications

February 10, 2023

Are you an SC undergraduate student interested in working on a NASA related research project this summer?  Please consider applying for our SC Space Grant Palmetto Academy program!

We are re-opening the application portal to apply for Palmetto Academy student researchers!  We still have spaces to fill and want to encourage any student who are interested to apply. As a student researcher, you will work with a faculty at one of our SC Space Grant member institutions on a NASA-related project (see project/mentor list below).

New student applications are due by Midnight, February 27, 2027.

For more information and a detailed project summary blurb, please visit our Palmetto Academy page on our website:

Summer 2023 Palmetto Academy Research Programs:

  1. Qiushi Chen, Clemson University: Toward bio-inspired energy-efficient drilling into lunar regolith
  2. Kaelyn Leake, The Citadel: Sub-millimeter sized patterning via laser modification of layer-by-layer ionic self-assembly Process
  3. Sorinel Oprisan, College of Charleston: Altered time perception under stress. The role of (micro)gravity stressor in time perception
  4. Ana Oprisan, College of Charleston: Universality laws in pure fluids and critical point experiments under density gradient
  5. Ramakrishna Podila, Clemson University: Energy storage devices for operation in extended temperature range -60 to 60oC
  6. Laura Redmond, Clemson University: Dynamic Topology Optimization for Robust, Lightweight Origami Rovers
  7. Kasra Sardashti, Clemson University: Quantum Sensing of Solar Flares using Superconducting Detectors
  8. Ya-Ping Sun, Clemson University: Student Participation in Developing Nanomaterials-Derived Technologies for Space Applications
  9. Ralph White, University of South Carolina: Structural Batteries Demonstrators for Aerospace Applications
  10. Ming Yang, Clemson University: Electrochemical Recovery and Conversion of Captured In-Space CO2 to Methane Fuel