Summer 2024 Internship Opportunities with the USGS Geology, Energy, and Minerals Science Center

January 29, 2024

The USGS Geology, Energy, and Minerals Science Center is excited to announce the creation of a Summer Internship Program, which will begin this Summer 2024! 

This program aims to provide valuable opportunities for individuals interested in contributing to cutting-edge research within our labs and projects and learning valuable skills from our dynamic team of scientists from multiple disciplines. We currently have 10 open positions available, offering a chance to work closely with our research teams on projects centered around energy and mineral resource exploration and development. The focus will extend to the beneficial reuse of waste products generated from these exploration and production activities, as well as the environmental impacts associated with such crucial endeavors. This initiative aligns with our commitment to outreach and partnerships and fostering the next generation of scientific leaders and innovators. For more information about the USGS Geology, Energy, and Minerals Science Center, please visit our website.

The vacancy announcement will open on 1/26/2024 and close on 2/8/2024. Here is the link to the announcement:

Student Trainee (Physical Science Technician), GS-1399-4