Meet Rachel Awtrey!

September 19, 2018

Rachel graduated from Clemson in 2016 with a degree in Communication. Through the Erwin Center’s Brand Creation class, she gained hands on practice on what it takes to build influence through creating a consistent and trustworthy brand.  In her project for Ritz Carlton, she and her team created strategic branding material that caught the attention of Global Brand Leader Lisa Holladay.

Now, Rachel is a social media influencer, lifestyle blogger, freelancer and creator of her very own podcast in Birmingham, AL, where she is taking her Erwin Center skills and collaborating with unique brands and businesses. She collaborates and partners with brands that she believes in and wants to share information about to readers and online friends to market third-party companies and maintain a consistent brand for herself. She also works on freelance web development, graphic design + branding projects for small, large and non-profit businesses after discovering my love on her own projects at

Recently, Rachel started her own podcast called Behind the Bliss, a podcast that creates a space for women to share their stories and the reality of what life is like behind the bliss.

Rachel, you make us proud!

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