Meet Justin Joung

October 31, 2018

Justin Joung of Rock Hill, NC graduated from Clemson in December of 2017 with a degree in Management and a Brand Communications minor. During his time at Clemson, he took many Erwin Center courses including Survey of Brand Communications, Brand Creation and Communication, Digital Analytics in Brand Communication and Brand Me: Influencer Marketing. He especially valued studying under teachers with careers in advertising or digital media, as they brought rich and unique content that’s unlikely to be found in a traditional classroom. One course that particularly stood out to him was Brand Me: Influencer Marketing taught by Fabio Tambosi, as it was beneficial to him to learn from someone with marketing industry experience, especially with a company of such large scale such as Nike. He currently is an At-Home Advisor for Apple, Inc, where he answers questions about their products & services and provides technical support to Apple and Beats users all over the world. During his tenure as an AHA, he’s held various positions within his organization including iOS and Mac Support, Beats Support, social response and most recently with recruiting. Justin’s advice to current and future Erwin Center students is to strive to learn and keep moving forward – we can’t wait to see everything you accomplish in the future, Justin!


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