Follow Up Friday

May 20, 2022


Follow Up Friday: from the archives, ICYMI, & upcoming events

From the Archives:

Wherever you teach and however you teach, we want to remind you that Canvas is the perfect one-stop-shop to share your course materials, tests, and resources with your learners. Check out this brief post on the benefits of keeping your course in Canvas!

An orange circle on a gray background, surrounded by 6 orange rectangles, with orange arrows pointing from the rectangles to the circle. Purple text in the rectangles read: Giving and exam? Providing slide decks or PDFs? Assigning an essay? Need to organize learning materials? Creating a course calendar? Using an external tool? The answer, in the middle of the circle, in purple text, reads: Keep it in Canvas!

In Case You Missed It:

In case you missed it, we have had a busy week at Clemson Online! Below you can view recorded Kaltura training sessions and to the right, you can click to see our tech and teaching tips on social media. Just click the social media icons!

Kaltura Training

This week we began our special edition live training on Kaltura. We are offering four courses with multiple dates and times. This week we began with the Kaltura Basics I and Basics II training sessions. If you missed out on attending, you can view the recordings of those sessions here:

Update: You can watch all four Kaltura training sessions (Basics I, Basics II, Advanced I, and Advanced II) here.

  • Kaltura Basics I topics include:
    • The difference between accessing Kaltura through Canvas and MediaSpace
    • The difference between My Media and Course Videos
    • Adding an existing video to Kaltura
    • Adding a collaborator (sharing a video)
    • Embedding a video in Canvas.
    • Viewing video analytics.
  • Kaltura Basics II topics include:
    • Accessing the Kaltura recorder and creating a video.
    • Basic video edits such as trimming and adding fades.
    • Access your created video editing auto-chapters.
    • Adding machine-generated captioning.

Upcoming Events:

  • Kaltura Advanced I – Learn how to create interactive quizzes in Kaltura, add a video quiz as an assignment in Canvas, access quiz results, and use the Kaltura Dropbox to allow student video submissions. There are additional days and times for these same training sessions. Facilitated by David Bassett, Learning Technology Administrator.

Contact James Butler or David Bassett with any questions about this session.

Contact James Butler with any questions about this session.

  • Quick Hits: Zoom Features – Zoom has proven to be a great tool for remote learning, but many of Zoom’s features go unnoticed. Zoom meetings have polling capabilities, breakout rooms, chatting, etc. Join us as we discuss Zoom features that you may want to incorporate into your online instruction. We will demonstrate these features and how to implement them in your Zoom settings. Facilitated by Clemson Online’s Learning Technology Specialist, Axel Ruiz.

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