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August 2, 2021

Teaching a face to face class this Fall?

Get your Canvas site ready and then join Clemson Online for the Classroom Tech Open House!

An orange circle on a gray background, surrounded by 6 orange rectangles, with orange arrows pointing from the rectangles to the circle. Purple text in the rectangles read: Giving and exam? Providing slide decks or PDFs? Assigning an essay? Need to organize learning materials? Creating a course calendar? Using an external tool? The answer, in the middle of the circle, in purple text, reads: Keep it in Canvas!

When planning your courses for the Fall, remember: Canvas isn’t just for online classes. By using Canvas for all of your learning materials, communications, and exams, your face to face students will have a central location to find what they need to succeed in your course. This can reduce confusion by empowering students to go to your Canvas hub first, before asking their professors where to find copies of the Syllabus or what the instructions are for an upcoming assignment. Keeping everything in Canvas also provides flexibility for a quick transition to online teaching, should an emergency (such as a pandemic) occur. You can learn how to create an effective Canvas site for face to face classes – and much more – at our Learning Tech Conference, coming up on August 13. Click below for more info and registration details:

Classroom Technology Open House: Aug 16 & 17

Clemson Online and CCIT are hosting Classroom Technology Open Houses on Monday, August 16, and Tuesday, August 17. This is an opportunity for faculty to meet their Fall classrooms and learn how to use the installed technology. These in-person sessions include practicing with the A/V technology, such as projectors, laptops, microphones, using Zoom, playing videos, and more. Stop by Brackett Hall either day from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM for an interactive guided tour of available classroom gadgets. Ask questions, talk with classroom and learning technology specialists, and try out the tech for yourself!


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