Follow Up Friday

June 17, 2022

Follow Up Friday: from the archives, ICYMI, & upcoming events

From the Archives

Check out this one-minute video where Clemson Online’s Accessibility Coordinator Michelle Tuten demonstrates how to access the UDOIT and the Canvas Page Accessibility Checker features. If you want more on getting started with accessibility, see our linked Quick Hit session below, in which Michelle demonstrates the basics.


Quick Hits: Getting Started with Accessibility

This Quick Hits session is for faculty who are interested in beginning to make accessibility improvements to their courses. In 20 minutes, you will learn what accessibility means and how to start designing accessible content with the help of accessibility checkers. We will also briefly cover Canvas’ accessibility features, extending time on exams, and support options available at Clemson. Facilitated by Michelle Tuten, Accessibility Coordinator with Clemson Online, who brings eight years of digital accessibility experience. Pronouns: she/her/hers.

Watch the session here!

Originally recorded on 06.16.22

Upcoming Events


Workshop Wednesday: Avoiding Burnout Using Course Design – This Workshop Wednesday focuses on specific and actionable course design strategies that can help faculty avoid becoming overwhelmed and thus lead to burnout. Instead of focusing solely on personal strategies for dealing with chronic stress, this workshop delves into specific teaching strategies and course design steps faculty can use to make their teaching work for them and their students. This workshop is for anyone teaching who is using online learning tools such as Canvas to supplement their course, as well as those teaching classes that are solely online. Facilitated by James Butler, Digital Learning Strategist.

Quick Hits: Getting Started with iClicker Basics – Whether you want to make your lectures dynamic by using real-time knowledge check quizzes or you want an easy way to poll your class about a topic, iClicker Cloud can help you. This Quick Hit is designed for those who are fairly new to navigating iClicker Cloud. Now is the perfect time to learn as we prepare our classes for Fall 2022. Join us for a brief overview of iClicker Cloud as we guide you through initial setup steps and demonstrate its functions. Facilitated by Clemson Online’s Learning Technology Specialist, Axel Ruiz.

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