Follow Up Friday: Clemson Online Welcomes You Back

January 7, 2022

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Welcome Back!

Clemson Online warmly welcomes you back as we all prepare for the start of the Spring semester. We hope that your winter break was whatever you needed it to be and that you are feeling ready to do what you do best. If you are feeling like you just blinked and now classes are about to begin again, don’t worry because whether you are putting the finishing touches on your course, trying something new this term, or if you need more of a crash-course preparation, Clemson Online is here to help.

Best Ways to Prepare for Your Spring Courses

  • Be sure to check out our Faculty Resource Center Canvas site for a host of resources on topics ranging from using Zoom in your course to editing your course Canvas site into a helpful tool for your students. This resource is delivered asynchronously.
  • If you prefer synchronous, one-on-one, assistance with preparing your courses, then please schedule a booking with one of our qualified staff. Simply click that link and select a topic based on your needs to schedule a booking. Please note that these will be conducted over Zoom.

In Case You Missed It

  • Social Media Posts
    • Tuesday Tech Tip: Tech Drop-ins
      • From January 10th-25th Drop-Ins are running on Mondays* and Tuesdays from 2-4 PM
      • Have a question about Zoom, Canvas tools, Camtasia, or any technology software tool that Clemson Online supports? Then click this link and select the Zoom link in the blue box to Drop-In to chat with one of our Learning Tech Team.
    • Check out our Cooperative Extension Program offerings to browse our catalog of Cooperative Extension learning opportunities.
    • Thursday Teaching Tip: iClicker Training
      • update: all iClicker training will be conducted virtually.
      • Check the iClicker Training promotion below to register.

*Except Monday 1/17/22 as offices will be closed in observance of Martin Luther King Day.

Coming Up

  • iClicker Training
    • 1/10 and 1/11, Clemson Online will host virtual training for iClicker Classic and Cloud.
    • Following the link above, click on the event for details for attending.
  • Review our Spring 2022 Faculty Development programming offerings!
    • Our Spring programming covers topics such as quizzes and Canvas, writing course learning objectives, accessibility, using Canvas for group projects, and much more!
    • Our programming generally falls into two categories: Quick Hits and workshops.
      • Quick Hits – A 20-minute technology-focused live session (over Zoom) where a member of our Learning Tech Team demonstrates how to use aspects of Canvas, Zoom, etc.
        • Generally every other Thursday from 3:30-4 PM.
      • Workshop Wednesday – A 45-minute pedagogy-focused live session (over Zoom) where a member of our Online Development team facilitates a workshop on not just how to execute tasks but shares the evidence-based reasons why certain practices have a bigger positive impact on your students learning.
        • Generally every other Wednesday from 1:30-2:14 PM.
    • Simply click the link above, and be sure to click on the programming options that most interest you to access the TigerTraining sign-up link!

Social Media

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