Follow Up Friday: Reflecting on Spring ’22

May 13, 2022

Reflection Exercise: Successes, Exhaustion, and Areas for Growth

Now that the semester has come to a close, we can breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to summer plans. Whether your summer involves relaxation, a turn to research, or whatever you need it to be, we congratulate you on completing another successful semester! As you take the time, we hope that you will find some space to reflect on this past semester.

The Reflection Pool with library on left and Rhodes in center.

Find anywhere from ten minutes to a half-hour to sit quietly and reflect on the past semester. You might want paper and pen to write things down, as well. This exercise is designed to get you thinking more deeply about your teaching in a calm, neutral environment. As you consider the four questions below, note your answers and any responses you might feel in your body.

  1. What successes stand out to you about your work from this semester? Was there a particular moment you had with a student or with a class?
  2. Did you try something new that worked?
  3. What aspect of your instruction feels exhausting?
  4. What areas of growth can you point to?

After you’ve considered the questions, do a little analysis about your answers:

  • Do view this reflection or memory as a success? Why or why not?
  • How would you have preferred that situation to happen?
  • Can anything be done differently next semester, based on these reflections?

Training to Support Your Growth

We want to support your growth in online design and instruction. After completing the reflection exercise and identifying what could be improved, we recommend that you check out our Summer Live Faculty Development training sessions, our Iced COFFEE training course, or simply reach out to schedule a consultation:

  • Summer Live Faculty Development training – peruse our offerings to see if there is a session that piques your interest or aligns with your growth goals. This summer we have workshops on topics such as using course design to avoid burnout and using easy HTML to improve your course as well as many Quick Hits demonstrations on Zoom, academic integrity and more!
  • Iced COFFEE – If you need a thorough training program to get you up-to-speed on using Canvas well, register for ICED COFFEE (May 16th – June 19th) for a directed learning experience by emailing!
  • Schedule a 30-minute live one-on-one consultation on any topic that you need help with regarding online teaching best practices or teaching technology.

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