Kaltura Basics

May 9, 2022

Reintroducing Kaltura

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Are you ready for Kaltura? If not, don’t worry! We want to reintroduce you to Kaltura and remind you that if you want to get up to speed on Clemson University’s new all-in-one video tool, we will have dedicated training sessions with our Kaltura admin very soon. Read on to learn more!

What is Kaltura?

  • Ensemble, the current video service, is being retired and Kaltura is its replacement! Kaltura will not only store your entire video library, but it’s also the main tool for creating, editing, and sharing videos in your classes and with your colleagues. Kaltura is fully integrated with Canvas and has a handy, fully-functional desktop client. You can even collaborate with others on videos and upload them to a shared collection for easy access

What are the key features?

  • Easy integration with Canvas – Kaltura will have a dedicated button on the left-hand navigational menu for easy access. Kaltura will also be available in the Rich Content Editor menu ribbon. Just look for the electrical plug icon.
  • Easy Editing – Kaltura lets you make simple edits, such as trimming the ends of a newly made video, without having to leave the recording screen. Adding captioning is also easy, and can be done manually, by uploading a text file, or you can have Kaltura generate them automatically.

How can I learn more?

  • Check out this previous blog post for a rundown of Kaltura vs Ensemble
  • Register for our upcoming live training sessions! On May 16th, 18th and 20th, we are offering  Kaltura Basics I and Basics II sessions running back-to-back, with a thirty-minute break in between:
    • Monday, May 16
      • Basics I – 1:00 – 1:30 pm
      • Basics II – 2:00 – 2:20 pm
    • Wednesday, May 18
      • Basics I – 9:30a – 10:00 am
      • Basics II – 10:30- 11:00 am
    • Friday, May 20
      • Basics I – 9:30a – 10:00 am
      • Basics II – 10:30- 11:00 am
  • Click here to register for any Basics I session.
  • For Basics II registration, click here.

Stay tuned for our May 16th Monday Blog for registration information for Kaltura Advanced I & II (or you can check out our previous post about the Summer and Fall Faculty Development Calendars with Advanced registration options).

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