PEER WISE Connections: February Recap with Dr. Lauren Garner

April 2, 2024

By: Beth Anne Johnson

In February, PEER WISE hosted a motivating event featuring the esteemed Dr. Lauren Garner. As the Executive Director of PEER WISE, Serita Acker, succinctly shared, “If I had one word to summarize the words of wisdom Lauren gave PEER WISE, it would be tenacity.” Garner’s journey exemplifies the power of determination and its profound impact on both personal and professional success.

Garner’s professional journey is noteworthy and a tremendous example of how to honor and achieve your dreams. A board-certified pediatric pharmacy specialist at the University of North Carolina Medical Center, she has dedicated her career to serving the pediatric hematology oncology community. Raised in rural South Carolina, Garner’s roots at Clemson University laid the foundation for her passion for pediatric care. She pursued her doctorate of pharmacy at the Medical University of South Carolina, where her dedication to pediatric medicine flourished.

Throughout her career, Garner has embraced the importance of resilience and adaptability. Lisa Jackson, PEER Associate Director, reflected on Garner’s insightful advice: “I love how Lauren reminded students to not stop at ‘no’ and to think of ‘no’ as more so a ‘not now’ or to dive deeper and ask more questions.” Garner’s emphasis on perseverance resonated deeply with attendees, highlighting the significance of navigating setbacks with determination and grace.

“I actually transferred pharmacy schools, an act that is nearly unheard of, but I had a dream to graduate from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, so that’s what I did,” said Garner.

During the event, Garner emphasized that our journeys are inherently non-linear, punctuated by obstacles and challenges. However, she underscored the importance of maintaining composure and unwavering determination. As she aptly stated, “Persistency and consistency are key.” Garner’s unwavering commitment to her patients and her relentless pursuit of excellence serve as a beacon of inspiration for all aspiring healthcare professionals, especially our young members of the Clemson Family.

Beyond her professional achievements, Garner embodies a spirit of resilience and passion for life. Outside of work, she enjoys running and spending quality time with her beloved dog, Anson. Her holistic approach to life serves as a reminder that success is not solely defined by professional accolades but by the joy found in everyday moments. This is a lesson we want all students at PEER and WISE to know and seek life with both determination and joy.

In conclusion, Dr. Lauren Garner’s visit inspired the PEER and WISE community to dig deep and dream big. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her resilience in the face of adversity serve as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance. Let’s find encouragement in Dr. Garner’s wisdom as we navigate our paths, facing each challenge with steadfast determination. Together, we have the power to accomplish remarkable feats and leave a meaningful imprint on our world.