Making Job Connections at the Career Fair

February 16, 2020

By Natalie Googer, Clemson University Junior and CEPA representative responsible for the career fair.

Taylor Stewart is a senior PRTM major at Clemson University, with a concentration of Travel and Tourism. She attended the career fair last year and the connections she made helped her get a job as a fitness instructor at The Cliffs.

The CEPA/PRTM Career Fair is on Monday, February 17 at the Hendrix Center between 9:30 am and 1 pm.

How did the career fair help you find your summer job at The Cliffs?

I originally did some research on The Cliffs (just looking for potential jobs that I would consider applying for in the future) and I saw them at the career fair, so I just went to discuss the job opening I saw that I was interested in (event management). The representative from The Cliffs was the head of the Health and Wellness department, so that struck a conversation about how I was about to get certified in group fitness and he got me connected with the right people to follow up with about teaching classes with The Cliffs.

How do you feel your practicums and internships have/will prepare you for your future career?

This didn’t necessarily help me get an internship, but this job has given me a lot of experience in the field, which will help getting a job in the future.

How did you follow up with The Cliffs after the fair?

Ryan from the career fair sent my information to the wellness leader of the Keowee Springs location, who is now my boss.

Why do you think going to the career fair is important?

I think it gives good exposure to talk to professionals and learn how to carry on a professional conversation. It allows students to practice how to “market” themselves to potential employers.

What is your advice for someone going to the fair looking for a job or internship?

Do research about the business you’re interested in before hand, so that you have something to start a conversation. They will also be impressed that you did the prep-work, and it shows good leadership.


The CEPA/PRTM Career/Internship and Camp Job Fair is on Monday, February 17 between 9:30AM and 1:00PM on the second floor of the Hendrix Center. Read more about the career fair, including which organizations are participating.