PRTM Student Profile: Meet Conner Sweeny

October 28, 2020

By Nicolle Rebolledo, communications intern

Conner Sweeny is both a Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM) undergraduate student at Clemson University and a talented rising country music star. His most recent performance was in Clemson’s very own 2020 Tigerama where his band, The Conner Sweeny band, performed on a live stream for all of our Clemson fans to enjoy. He recently released his five-track EP album named Faith Family Friends in April 2019, and it includes a song called ‘Tiger Town.” Not only is he a part of Clemson’s Talented Hall of Fame, he has a passion for conservation and wildlife and is a bright student in our PRTM program.

Clemson PRTM student Conner Sweeny playing with his band on stage at Clemson's Tigerama.

Clemson PRTM student Conner Sweeny playing at this year’s Tigerama. (image credit: Gwynn Powell)

Why did you choose PRTM for your studies at Clemson University?

I chose PRTM because I am truly passionate about the outdoors, wildlife and conservation. It was an easy decision and I haven’t ever regretted it. 

What’s your favorite experience as a PRTM student so far?

My favorite PRTM experience so far has been taking Intro to PCAM with Betty Baldwin. She opened up my eyes to so many different aspects or the outdoors and gave me opportunities to be hands on with conservation.

Are you originally from Clemson? How does the area shape your music?

I have lived in a lot of places, but my family now lives in Greenville, SC. Ever since I arrived in this town in 2017, It has been shaping my music and shaping me. I love Clemson and everything I have experienced here!

How can people buy your music?

My music can be bought on iTunes, streamed on Spotify (, streamed on Apple Music (, and you can follow my page on instagram ( to find out about music updates and shows!