Clemson Division of Research

Dec. 2019: Proper Planning is Crucial to be Successful

Tanju Karanfil

As this semester comes to a close, I want to congratulate you on your successes this past year. Our research enterprise continues to post strong growth, with annual competitive expenditures topping $100 million for the first time. Read more about the state of Clemson research in my latest report to the Board of Trustees here. […]

September 2019: Welcome Back!

Tanju Karanfil

  I hope you had a restful summer break following what was a very productive year for our research enterprise. During Fiscal Year 2019, we achieved two key goals of our ClemsonForward strategic plan: Our Carnegie R1 status among the nation’s most active research universities was confirmed. Our competitive research expenditures (Fund 20) topped $100 […]

May 2019: The High Value of Research Integrity

Duke University’s ground-breaking $112 million settlement of a False Claims Act lawsuit underscores the high stakes of research integrity and raises important questions for research institutions. On what basis is a university responsible for misconduct committed by one individual? By what measures can universities practically monitor the conduct of research to prevent falsification or fabrication […]

Feb. 2019: A Big Win for Clemson Research

Tanju Karanfil

Hours after winning his second national championship in three years, Coach Dabo Swinney said he couldn’t wait for his first team meeting as the Tigers prepare for next season. His desire for continued greatness inspires me, and I hope it inspires you too. Like Coach Swinney, I am excited for the future and I am […]

Nov. 2018: Exploring opportunities to collaborate

Tanju Karanfil

Did you know one of the few places in the Southeast where university scientists can print circuit boards is at a Clemson University campus in Blackville, about 30 miles southeast of Aiken? At Clemson’s Edisto Research and Education Center, sensor engineer Joe Maja is able to rapidly design, print and test circuit boards for emerging […]

Oct. 2018: Who at Clemson will lead the next major research project?

When I met Hai Yao he was a junior faculty member with a big idea, and I was the associate dean for research and graduate studies in the College of Engineering and Science. That was 2014. Hai wanted to establish a Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) to revolutionize musculoskeletal health care. The university already […]

Sept. 2018 VPR Message: Investing in you

Welcome back to campus! I hope you had a restful summer break and are settling into the busy pace of another successful semester at Clemson University. With the rush of beginning a new semester now behind you, I hope you will take a look at several new services and resources the Division of Research has […]

June 2018: Don’t rest on past success

In the past four years, we have seen unprecedented growth in our research enterprise. Grant awards hit an all-time high of $109 million in the 2017 academic year, an astonishing 40 percent increase over a four-year period. With two months remaining in the current fiscal year, we have already exceeded last year’s totals, reaching $118 […]

May 2018: A Rare Opportunity

A Rare Opportunity There are fewer than 300 living Nobel laureates in the world, so the chance of meeting one is very rare. But a Nobel laureate was on campus last month, meeting with faculty and students, answering their questions and sharing knowledge. These are the types of activities and opportunities available at universities that […]

April 2018: Recognizing Research; Building Collaborations

To become one of the nation’s premiere research institutions, we must break down silos and work collaboratively – with our peers, with industry and with each other. Solutions to complex global problems require new knowledge created by collaborative, interdisciplinary teams of scientists with unique perspectives and ideas. We are collectively building these teams at Clemson, […]

March 2018: Be ready when opportunity arises

Be ready when opportunity arises Following decades of steady increases, federal R&D funding hit a plateau in 2011 as Congress cut discretionary spending as part of the Budget Control Act. This year, however, Congress and President Trump have discussed a budget deal that would raise the discretionary spending caps by $143 billion in fiscal year […]

February 2018: Exploring New Opportunities

Exploring new opportunities We have steadily grown our research enterprise the past few years despite a plateau in federal investments in higher education R&D. Collaborations with industry or private foundations may offer alternative opportunities for you to advance your work. The Division of Research can help. This semester, our Office of Industry Contracts – with […]