Emeritus College

Absentee Voting in South Carolina


With the June primary right around the corner and every voter in SC now qualified to vote absentee, we wanted to pass on important information about absentee voting.

There are three ways to get an absentee ballot.

  1. Go to the County Elections Office and fill out and vote. Click the HERE to see your  SC County Elections Office location.

  2. Call the County Elections Office and ask them to send you the application form. You fill out the application form mail it in and then the will mail you an absentee ballot.

  3. Go to the website (https://www.scvotes.org/), enter some key information, then print, sign, and mail in the application form. Since it can be a bit confusing, CLICK HERE FOR EASY INSTRUCTIONS for navigating the website!

Special thanks to Dr. Dan Warner (Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences) and his wife, Patty, for providing this valuable information.