Clemson Analytics Introduces Tool to Assist Instructors

April 14, 2020

As we come closer to the end of the Spring 2020 Semester, many instructors are considering final exams and other ways to wrap up their courses during this period of emergency remote teaching. Clemson Analytics has developed a tool to help instructors see the distribution of students across time zones by subject, course, and section.

OTEI, CCIT, and Clemson Online are urging instructors to utilize this tool in considering how being in different time zones may affect students’ engagement & participation with course activities. If a course has a distribution across many time zones for example, instructors might consider altering assignment due dates and times.

Please note: Access to the tool and video below is restricted to Clemson faculty and instructors only.

The tool can be found here:

A short video on using the tool can be found here:

If you require assistance with the tool, please email

As always, OTEI, CCIT, and Clemson Online are here to assist instructors in working towards giving our students the best experience possible. We hope instructors utilize this valuable tool to finish out the Spring Semester.

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