Follow Up Friday: Emergency Weather Alternatives, Lightboard, Live Trainings

January 21, 2022

Online Teaching Highlight: Emergency Weather Alternatives

  • As we have seen this past week, winter weather can bring a lot of joy and a lot of stress! If you have a class session that needs to be canceled due to weather but missing a day of class messes with your meticulously designed course schedule, what do you do?
  • Having an alternative plan in place to deal with weather and still hit the learning objectives and class time you know your learners need is the key.
  • Review this short Clemson Online document on Emergency Weather Alternatives to prepare yourself and your learners for the next time weather tries to get in the way of learning.

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    • Final Week of Tech Drop-ins for January (more to come later in the semester!). Do you have a question about how to use a feature of Canvas? Want to learn about a feature of Zoom? Then check
      • Monday, 1/24 & Tuesday, 1/25 from 2:00 pm – 4:oo pm
    • Quick Hits: Canvas and Quizzes Series Part 2 of 2 – Using Speedgrader to Evaluate Quizzes

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