Follow Up Friday

August 27, 2021

Follow Up Friday: Accessibility wrap-up, posts you may have missed, and upcoming events

While Accessibility Week 2021 has concluded, the work of increasing accessibility in teaching and learning never stops! The best practices are ones that benefit the most learners, and Accessibility Coordinator Michelle Tuten reminds us: “[b]ecause some forms of accommodations can take time to implement, if a classroom is made accessible ahead time, there can be a lot less stress involved in meeting the students’ need.” So, to reduce time and stress for you and your learners, start incorporating accessible pedagogy and content practice now – we can help! Get in touch with Clemson Online, via email or Bookings, and let us help you; together we can make Clemson an accessible place for all.

Posts you may have missed:

What’s coming up?

The Clemson Tiger mascot plays basketball, using a wheelchair. He reaches up for a ball held by another player using a wheelchair.

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