Follow Up Friday: Group Discussion Boards

September 30, 2022

See what you missed this week and learn about breaking your discussion boards into groups to help your learners stay engaged. 

Follow Up Friday: Using Student Groups in Discussion Boards

Following our Monday post about how to make your online discussion boards an active learning opportunity for your learners, we wanted to round out this week by offering one more impactful design feature you can use in Canvas to make your class discussion boards more engaging for learners. You can read our Monday blog post here

Image shows Group Discussion options to use in Canvas. Specifically, the option "This is a Group Discussion" has a blue checkbox enabled. Below reads, "Group Sort" where a drop-down menu is available. Below that is the button "New Group Category" highlighted in purple.

Taking your learners’ perspective, you might imagine how overwhelming it can be to read through 30 or more posts to find the one or two that you feel you can reply to.

Then, the connection and conversation you hope to see your learners make doesn’t quite materialize because there might be too much to connect to, and undoubtedly a little repetition in the content of the posts.

To address this problem, consider breaking up your discussion boards into groups of five to six students max, so that they can more effectively process the posts they read and feel more connected to their peers as they continue the conversation.


Kaltura Training

If you missed the special Kaltura training events this week, then do not worry! You have an opportunity to register for the October sessions we are holding and you can view our playlist that has all of our Kaltura training videos to date. The first four videos, Basics I, Basics II, Advanced I, and Advanced II, are the four special training events we held this week.

Be sure to register for the October Kaltura training dates below!

Kaltura Training Dates
Kaltura Basics I Kaltura Basics II Kaltura Advanced I Kaltura Advanced II
October 18th

10:30AM – 11:00AM

Register for 10/18 Basics I

October 18th

11:30AM – 12:00PM

Register here for 10/18 Basics II

October 20th

10:30AM – 11:00AM

Register Here for 10/20 Advanced I

October 20th

11:30AM – 12:00PM

Register here for 10/20 Advanced II

Upcoming Events

Workshop Wednesday: QM and You!

This workshop will provide an overview of the Quality Matters online course review process and the available tools for online course quality assurance here at Clemson. Learn about the QM Rubric, how to apply it to your own online courses, and how to schedule a full course review with Clemson Online. This workshop is open to all instructors, whether you have taught online before or not. Join us in person at Cooper 309 or virtually through Zoom. Facilitated by Sharyn Emery, PhD, Digital Learning Manager. A Zoom link will be emailed to registered participants, 48 hours prior to the day of the event. Contact James Butler with any questions about this session.

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