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How to Add an RSS/News Feed

Note: RSS feeds are included using a shortcode. Shortcodes are available to help you quickly add more complex features to your pages. To add shortcodes, open the HTML source editor in Cascade and paste the shortcode where you’d like the element to appear within your layout.

The RSS shortcode is used to incorporate an RSS feed into the page. It can accept any valid RSS URL. To add a feed, simply wrap the RSS URL in the [rss][/rss] shortcode, as shown below.


There are two attributes available to modify the appearance of your RSS feed.

  • format – currently, the only alternative format supported is blocks, which shows a story with an image (where available) and the title in a block together
  • num – specify the maximum number of stories shown
[rss num=10 format=blocks]http://newsstand.clemson.edu/feed/[/rss]

For more information, see Style Guide/RSS/News Feeds.