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Create a link to an email address (mailto: link)

The WYSIWYG editor does not have a built-in mailto: option but you can still easily create a link to an email address. Highlight what you want to become a link (preferably the person’s name or their full e-mail address spelled out). Choose the Insert/Edit link button from the WYSIWYG toolbar. Choose the External Link tab. In […]

Insert and upload at the same time

You can upload a file into Cascade as you are inserting it into your page. (Be sure the appropriate extension is part of the file name: pdf, .jpg or .doc.) Insert an image: Click inside the content region where the image will be placed. For example, if you would like the image to be in […]

What are the display name, title, keyword and description?

Display name This is the information used as a breadcrumb trail and in the left navigation. When adding the Display Name, consider how the name will affect the breadcrumb trail and navigation performance. A very long display name will cause text to wrap to multiple lines in the left navigation. Title This is the name […]

Align text around an image

Images can be placed either before or after your text has been added. Click inside the content region where the image will be placed. For example, if you would like the image to be in line with the top of the text, you will place your cursor before the first sentence. Choose the “Insert/Edit Image” icon  from the WYSIWYG editor. […]

Change page type

Page assets are associated with a set of configurations for each page type. The configuration set for the left navigation page type is different from the configuration set for the full page. To change the page type, the configuration set must be changed. Not all users in Cascade have a role that will allow them […]

Create a link to a specific area on a Web page

Anchor links are used to navigate from a specific area to another specific area within a single Web page, or from a specific area on one Web page to a specific area on a different Web page. They are a good way to provide easy navigation through pages that have multiple sections of content. To create an anchor, […]

Adjust spacing between paragraphs, sentences and headers

Paragraphs are double-spaced by default because that makes the text easier to read on a computer screen). Hitting the enter/return key between paragraphs will add a double-space, creating a new paragraph, but holding down the shift key when hitting enter/return will add a single space, creating a line break. Line breaks are often used to […]

Change the order of left navigation links

The left navigation is built from the folder/file structure is Cascade and is ordered alphabetically by default. To rearrange the order of your indexed assets, select the parent folder from the asset tree. The asset information will be displayed in columns in a new window. Choose the “Order” column heading to show the order in […]

Perform a bulk change

Managers can take advantage of the “Bulk Change” feature to change the configuration set on multiple assets at the same time. Detailed instructions are listed on Hannon Hill’s website: http://www.hannonhill.com/new-kb/Bulk-Change/

Create a page that auto builds the left navigation

The Left Column page type includes a column of links on the left side of the page. The links in the column are created dynamically from the indexed folder and page assets that are created within your site. The text for the links in the left navigation column comes from the text you enter into […]