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Cascade Upgrade

School of Accountancy homepage edit screen

OWS recently completed upgrading the Cascade Server content management system service to version 8.1. This long-awaited upgrade allows us more functionality, a new UI with a faster feel, as well as the ability to easily locate documentation. If you experience any issues with your content please reach out to ows@g.clemson.edu and we’ll help you sort […]

Customize your lists

You need to create an ordered or unordered list and you are tired of seeing the same old list characters like the ones below. line one line two line three line one line two line three How can you customize your lists? Apply list styles like these: circle square lower alpha character upper alpha character […]

Create a reference asset

Suppose you have an asset in Cascade you want to display in the left navigation of more than one site. You can copy the asset over and over again into each of the folders for the site, but you don’t want to duplicate an asset multiple times. What do you do? Create a reference asset! […]

Home page feature – rotate image on refresh script

This is how to add rotating images to the feature area on your home page. Create a new text file and copy the content in red below into it. Save the file as rotateImageOnRefresh.js and upload it to Cascade. Place it in the same folder as your index page. <!– SET THE MAX FEATURE COUNT […]

Clemson Cascade tutorial

General overview of Clemson’s version of Cascade. http://media.clemson.edu/ows/cascade-brand09.pdf

Cascade Minimum Requirements (Supported Browsers)

From the Hannonhill Web site: http://www.hannonhill.com/products/requirements.htmlWeb Browser: Web Browser: Google Chrome 50+ Firefox 45+ Apple Safari 8+ for OS X Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 / Edge Mobile Safari on iOS 7+ Screen resolutions of 1280×1024 or higher for full desktop resolution. Tablet and mobile resolutions are also supported. Network connection

Create a link to an email address (mailto: link)

The WYSIWYG editor does not have a built-in mailto: option but you can still easily create a link to an email address. Highlight what you want to become a link (preferably the person’s name or their full e-mail address spelled out). Choose the Insert/Edit link button from the WYSIWYG toolbar. Choose the External Link tab. In […]

Insert and upload at the same time

You can upload a file into Cascade as you are inserting it into your page. (Be sure the appropriate extension is part of the file name: pdf, .jpg or .doc.) Insert an image: Click inside the content region where the image will be placed. For example, if you would like the image to be in […]

What are the display name, title, keyword and description?

Display name This is the information used as a breadcrumb trail and in the left navigation. When adding the Display Name, consider how the name will affect the breadcrumb trail and navigation performance. A very long display name will cause text to wrap to multiple lines in the left navigation. Title This is the name […]

Align text around an image

Images can be placed either before or after your text has been added. Click inside the content region where the image will be placed. For example, if you would like the image to be in line with the top of the text, you will place your cursor before the first sentence. Choose the “Insert/Edit Image” icon  from the WYSIWYG editor. […]