Create a reference asset

Suppose you have an asset in Cascade you want to display in the left navigation of more than one site. You can copy the asset over and over again into each of the folders for the site, but you don’t want to duplicate an asset multiple times. What do you do? Create a reference asset! […]

Change the order of left navigation links

The left navigation is built from the folder/file structure is Cascade and is ordered alphabetically by default. To rearrange the order of your indexed assets, select the parent folder from the asset tree. The asset information will be displayed in columns in a new window. Choose the “Order” column heading to show the order in […]

Create a page that auto builds the left navigation

The Left Column page type includes a column of links on the left side of the page. The links in the column are created dynamically from the indexed folder and page assets that are created within your site. The text for the links in the left navigation column comes from the text you enter into […]