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Create a reference asset

Suppose you have an asset in Cascade you want to display in the left navigation of more than one site. You can copy the asset over and over again into each of the folders for the site, but you don’t want to duplicate an asset multiple times. What do you do? Create a reference asset! […]

Create a link to an email address (mailto: link)

The WYSIWYG editor does not have a built-in mailto: option but you can still easily create a link to an email address. Highlight what you want to become a link (preferably the person’s name or their full e-mail address spelled out). Choose the Insert/Edit link button from the WYSIWYG toolbar. Choose the External Link tab. In […]

Create a link to a specific area on a Web page

Anchor links are used to navigate from a specific area to another specific area within a single Web page, or from a specific area on one Web page to a specific area on a different Web page. They are a good way to provide easy navigation through pages that have multiple sections of content. To create an anchor, […]