Sikes Hall Parking Outages

April 25, 2018

Select parking spaces surrounding Sikes Hall will be closed for utility construction from May through June 2018. The below map gives a general overview of the parking outages, which will be implemented in phases, as well as the dates that parking spaces will be closed. Updates will be posted as construction progresses.

Map overview of outages

Currently, 14 parking spaces on the east side of the Sikes Hall lot are closed off for chilled water installation. These spots will be unavailable through May 12. Starting May 12, a total of 25 spots will be sectioned off to allow sewerbore installation, with 13 (indicated by light-blue on the map) expected to be reopened after a week. The remaining 12 spaces will remain closed until the end of May. From June 1 through 22, the installation of storm drains will close 35 parking spaces, including the entire west parking lot by Sikes (24 spaces in total) and 11 of the parallel spaces on Calhoun Drive, closest to Sikes.

All planned dates are the best current approximations and are subject to change due to unforeseen conditions and weather. During construction, access to the parking meter kiosk to the south of Sikes Hall will be maintained, and closed areas will be fenced off with a chain link fence.

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