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October 18, 2021

COFFEE: Accessibility Starts 10/25!

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Starting Monday, October25, Clemson Online will be offering the Fall section of COFFEE: Accessibility. This is a four week asynchronous and interactive course which guides instructors through activities for making their course design and content as accessibility-friendly as possible. The skills learned in COFFEE: Accessibility will benefit all learners in your courses, but the main focus will be on designing course content to accommodate learners with disabilities, while demystifying the process as much as possible.

COFFEE: Accessibility covers the following topics:

  • foundational rules of student accessibility at Clemson
  • making accessible Canvas sites
  • creating accessible printed materials
  • how to caption videos
  • and more!

You can sign up by clicking on the self-enroll link and watching the introduction video. The Syllabus is also available to read; the rest of the course will be published on October 25. Have questions? Contact Sharyn Emery at


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