Getting to Canvas Just Got Easier!

May 24, 2021

Don’t wait – be the first to try out the all new Clemson Canvas page!

Screenshot of Clemson Canvas login page, with 2 dropdown menus: "student resources" and "instructor resources"; also features 2 login buttons, one for Clemson people, one for non-Clemson people.


Clemson Online is excited to bring you the brand new Canvas login page, redesigned with you in mind! Whether you’re an instructor or a student, the new site is chock full of tools, resources, and guides to help you make the most of your Clemson Canvas experience:

Screenshot of Clemson Canvas login page, with a dropdown menu for "Instructor Resources" that offers: semester resources, support and training guides, Canvas integrations, and accessibility.

Screenshot of Clemson Canvas login page, with a dropdown menu for "Student Resources" that offers: semester resources and accessibility.







New resources include a menu of semester resources and the 2021 edition of the Canvas Quick Guide – something you’ll want to keep handy as you build your classes for fall:


Screenshot of "Canvas Resources for Instructors." 6 buttons for: semester checklist, merging courses, online assessment/academic integrity, using Canvas in face-to-face classes, Faculty Resource Center, and Workgroups. Lower half of the page has 4 buttons under "Support and Training Guides": Canvas Quick Guides, Semester Checklist, Merging Courses, and Accessibility.


Overall, the new site is better organized, more streamlined, and ready to help you get a head start on the Fall semester. Don’t delay – find what you need today!

And if you’d like more specific assistance with any aspect of online teaching or our online teaching tools, head over to Bookings and make an appointment. We are here to help!

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