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June 2, 2021

Clemson Online is your expert in technology and teaching!

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Please allow us to re-introduce ourselves: we are Clemson Online and we are here to help you with all aspects of technology and teaching. Our staff combines pedagogical and technical expertise to provide the best solutions and trainings for faculty and staff. We can help you create or revise courses, make multimedia content, and figure out the best tools for you to use in Canvas. Here are a few recent examples of things we’ve done – and we can do the same for you:

  • Design courses in Canvas
  • Film and edit lecture videos
  • Add captions to instructional multimedia
  • Conduct a Quality Matters review of your online course (for-credit or non-credit)
  • Troubleshoot issues in Zoom
  • Help produce podcasts

So get in touch with us at anytime and let Clemson Online help you make the most of technology and teaching. We can be contacted through any of the methods below:

  • Phone: 864-656-9320
  • Email:
  • Online: MS Bookings


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