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List of Top Level Web RUOs

A current list of top-level Web Responsible University Officials can be found at the address below. These are people that the Creative Services Web team recognizes as the contact person at the top level for departments and colleges across the university. http://www.clemson.edu/ows/services/ruolist.html

Build a simple email feedback form

This code will build a simple form requesting Name, Email and Feedback information. The code must be entered into Cascade from the html editor, not from the WYSIWYG editor. Open the html editor by selecting the html button on the WYSIWYG toolbar. Copy the following text in red into the “body” or “content” section of […]

Create a Web form with Google Docs


Google users who have a valid Google account (can be a personal or a Clemson Google account) can create Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations similar to those created in Microsoft Office. Word and Excel files can be uploaded to Google Docs. Forms can be created from the Docs list or from any spreadsheet. Google provides […]

Enable your pdf form to be edited with Adobe Reader

Create your pdf form in Acrobat Professional 8 or higher. Acrobat Professional 8 is the first version that provides a feature for pdf form fields to be filled in and saved using Adobe Reader. A pdf form is simply a pdf file that contains form fields. In Acrobat Professional Version 8 or higher, you can […]

Home page feature – rotate image on refresh script

This is how to add rotating images to the feature area on your home page. Create a new text file and copy the content in red below into it. Save the file as rotateImageOnRefresh.js and upload it to Cascade. Place it in the same folder as your index page. <!– SET THE MAX FEATURE COUNT […]

Clemson Cascade tutorial

General overview of Clemson’s version of Cascade. http://media.clemson.edu/ows/cascade-brand09.pdf

Cascade Minimum Requirements (Supported Browsers)

From the Hannonhill Web site: http://www.hannonhill.com/products/requirements.htmlWeb Browser: Web Browser: Google Chrome 50+ Firefox 45+ Apple Safari 8+ for OS X Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 / Edge Mobile Safari on iOS 7+ Screen resolutions of 1280×1024 or higher for full desktop resolution. Tablet and mobile resolutions are also supported. Network connection