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Create a Web form with Google Docs

Google users who have a valid Google account (can be a personal or a Clemson Google account) can create Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations similar to those created in Microsoft Office. Word and Excel files can be uploaded to Google Docs. Forms can be created from the Docs list or from any spreadsheet. Google provides several forms templates that can be used for easy form creation.

To access Google docs, launch your Web browser and point to http://docs.google.com. Log in with your Google userid and password. Help with Google docs, including Forms, can be found at http://docs.google.com/support.

Results from the form will be automatically entered into a Google Spreadsheet. Form results can be viewed in summary form or in the Google spreadsheet. Respondents will receive a confirmation message once they submit the form.

Create a new form from your Docs list:

Choose New > Form


In the form template that opens, add your questions and options.


Choose Save to save your form.
Choose Email this form.
Add email addresses for your desired recipients.
Choose Send.

Create a new form from a spreadsheet:

Open the spreadsheet that you wish to convert to a form.
Choose Form > Create a form.


Edit and/or add questions, choosing your preferred question type.
Choose Save to save your form.
Choose Email this form.
Add email addresses of your desired recipients.
Choose Send.

Email form from the spreadsheet view:

Open the spreadsheet that you have already converted to a form.
Choose Form > Send Form.
Add email addresses of your desired recipients.
Choose Send.


Edit an existing form:

To edit a question, choose the Edit button on the right of the question to be edited.
To delete a question choose the Delete button on the right of the question to be deleted.
To duplicate a question choose the Duplicate button to the right of the question to be duplicated.


Create multiple-choice questions:

Choose the Add Question button at the top of the editor.
Enter the question into the Question Title box.
Enter additional information in the Help Text box.
Select the Multiple Choice option in the Question Type drop down menu.


Enter one answer choice in each box, creating additional boxes as needed.
Choose the add “Other” link to add an empty box that respondents can use to add their own answers.
Check the Make this a required question box if you want to require that the respondent choose and answer before the form can be submitted.

Edit the confirmation message:

Choose More Actions > Edit confirmation.
Edit the text in the confirmation message.
Choose Save.


Embed your form in a Web page:

Create your form and save it.
Choose More Actions > Embed.
Copy the URL from the Embed window and paste it into your Web page.


Spreadsheet tips:

Insert columns to contain your own content next to form responses, such as for calculations, notes, or lookups.
Insert rows of information at the top – below the column headers (questions) and ABOVE the area where data is collected. The form responses will always be inserted in the first available/blank row.
Insert new sheets or move sheets. Responses will continue to be automatically entered in the same sheet.

To see the results of a form, open the original spreadsheet. It’s a good idea to use the same name for the form as your spreadsheet, so it’s easier to find.

Remember, the spreadsheet row, cell and column limits apply to the spreadsheets attached to your forms too.