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Clemson’s Official Color Palette

Clemson University’s authorized academic colors are:

Clemson Orange – orange, Hex F66733 (PMS 165 for print)
Regalia – regalia, Hex 522D80 (PMS 268 for print)
Fort Hill – white, Hex FFFFFF (White for print)
Bengal Stripe – black, Hex 000000 (Black for print)
Anna’s Lace – lace, Hex F9E498 (PMS 1205 for print)
Hartwell Moon – moon, Hex D4C99E (PMS 4535 for print)
Blue Ridge – blueridge, Hex 3A4958 (PMS 7546 for print)
Tillman Brick – brick, Hex A25016 (PMS 160 for print)
Centennial Oak – oak, Hex 562E19 (PMS 1545 for print)
Innovation – innovation, Hex 86898C (PMS 877 for print)
Bowman Field – bowman, Hex 566127 (PMS 378 for print)
Howard’s Rock – rock, Hex 685C53 (PMS Warm Gray 11 for print)
Calhoun Fields – fields, Hex B5C327 (PMS 583 C for print)
Gameday Blue – gameday, Hex 109DC0 (PMS 7459 C for print)

The color strategy for the new brand is to extend the palette beyond the primary orange, purple and white to include secondary colors. The inspiration for these colors is drawn from the natural beauty of the campus — the blue-gray waters of Hartwell Lake, the pale yellow of sunrise over Tillman Hall, and the rich green and brown of the forests and fields that surround the campus.

These secondary colors provide a depth to the brand that will allow more variety and versatility in the development of marketing media while maintaining a coordinated, integrated look.

For more information visit the Clemson University Brand Guidelines/Color Web site and Style Guide/Color.