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Giving to Clemson

Charitable Contributions to or on behalf of the CU Foundation or any other 501c3 organization whose mission is to support Clemson University, cannot be solicited, nor can they be accepted, unless approved in advance by the CU Foundation. For information on obtaining appropriate approval for such contributions, please contact Gift Receiving Office.

Size images for branded pages

You can float images by adding the class right or left. Optionally, pair this with the code data-size=”” to specify an image’s size. full – image will fill 100% of its container medium – image will fill 60% of its container small – image will fill 40% of its container HTML <img src=”” alt=”image alt […]

Video Standards and Guidelines

Video Standards: The standard file format for video is MPEG-4. Sizes: Format: Small (talking head) size: ~240 x 180 3:4 16:9 Data Rate: 400 Frames: 10 fps On2 VP 6 Format: Medium size: ~360 x 240 3:4 16:9 Data Rate: 200 Frames: 10 fps On2 VP 6 Formatting standards for special occasion files that do […]

Web page required content

While content will vary from site to site, the presentation of the content should be consistent and support Clemson’s position as one of the top public universities in the country. Proper use of visual identity elements such as colors, logos and type fonts ensures that you are enhancing the Clemson brand. If you have questions […]


Clemson’s Web site will be employing a style sheet using the following fonts: Goudy Trade Gothic Trade Gothic Light Trade Gothic Condensed Zapfino FG Saga Be conscious of font size on your Web pages. While visitors can change the font size on their monitors, you don’t want to make a visitor change his/her settings due […]

Clemson’s Official Color Palette

Clemson University’s authorized academic colors are: Clemson Orange – orange, Hex F66733 (PMS 165 for print) Regalia – regalia, Hex 522D80 (PMS 268 for print) Fort Hill – white, Hex FFFFFF (White for print) Bengal Stripe – black, Hex 000000 (Black for print) Anna’s Lace – lace, Hex F9E498 (PMS 1205 for print) Hartwell Moon […]

Web Site Design and Editorial Guidelines

Use of Wordmark in Header The top left corner of a Web page header is the most prominent element of a page; therefore, it should carry a strong Clemson University brand identity. The official Clemson University wordmark should be placed in the top left corner of the header unless a unit has another authorized unit […]

Image Standards and Photography

Image Standards: Images should be used at 100% of their size at 72 dpi for best loading time for the page. JPEG: The better format for posting photography online. JPEG images can contain millions of colors and can be compressed to your desired size. We recommend: Photoshop Quality level 80 — small images Photoshop Quality […]

Video Podcasts

Recommendations for Formatting Video Podcasts: If you’re encoding your video podcast at 320×240, please increase the resolution to either 640×480 or 640×360 (depending on the aspect ratio of your source files). Why? Because video podcasts at this resolution look great on Apple TV and still port to video iPods. Lower resolution podcasts might also work […]

Test your Web site in multiple browsers

Browsershots is a free service that tests your Web design in different Web browsers. The resulting screen shots will allow Web designers to make changes and correct any problems with their site. How Browsershots Works Browsershots takes screenshots of your Web site the way it looks when viewed in a variety of Web browsers. When […]