Calhoun Drive Construction Update

January 12, 2018

Walter T. Cox to Tillman to reopen on January 15th, Tillman Hall to Fort Hill Street to reopen by February 9th.  Details below.

Work continues along Calhoun Drive,  with construction of chilled water lines to begin along the parking adjacent to the west and south side of Sikes Hall on Saturday, January 13th.  This work is scheduled to be complete Monday January 15th, but is subject to weather delays.  The area indicated in yellow on the installation timeline indicates the area that will be impacted during this time frame.

The chilled water pipes have been installed from the Calhoun Drive/Parkway Drive intersection to Tillman Hall (see areas indicated in green and red).  On Monday, January 15th, the section of Calhoun Drive from Walter T. Cox Blvd. to Tillman Hall will be reopened along with the adjacent sidewalk.  Please note that the utility trench is currently topped with gravel and is not paved yet.  Paint striping for the parallel parking spaces may not be visible until the area is repaved.  Paving for these sections is currently scheduled for Saturday January 27th and Sunday January 28th.

On Monday, January 15th, access along Calhoun Drive will be closed from Tillman Hall to Fort Hill Street (see area in blue), with a projected reopening by February 9th.  Note that the sidewalk running parallel and adjacent to the west side of this section of Calhoun Drive will be closed as well.  Pedestrians will be able to cross through this zone at the cross walk at the north end of Brackett Hall.  The sidewalk along the east side of Calhoun Drive will remain open.

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