Summer Construction Update 6-11-19

June 11, 2019

There are many projects underway and the University is taking advantage of summer vacation for many to accomplish as much work as possible before the fall semester.

Highway 93

The underground utilities installation along Highway 93 between Sherman Road and Centennial Blvd. is complete and the highway is now fully open to traffic.  Permanent traffic lines will be painted on the roadway within the coming weeks.

This is a diagram showing the plan for the pedestrian safety table design planned for the intersection of Calhoun Dr. and Highway 93. For more information please call 656-2186.

The pedestrian safety table will aid in managing traffic at this heavily used crosswalk.

Calhoun Drive Intersection Reconstruction

The intersection of Calhoun Drive and Highway 93 is being modified to improve traffic flow. A raised crosswalk similar to the pedestrian safety table on Williamson Road between Memorial Stadium and the Scroll of Honor is being developed for pedestrians who will cross Highway 93 between Sikes Hall and the new College of Business. Work is on schedule with a projected full reopening of the intersection this August.

Cherry / McMillan Intersection

Phase I of the underground utilities installation has been completed at the intersection of Cherry Road and McMillan Road. Phase II is scheduled to begin on July 22 and will require another full closure of the intersection until August 1. The third and final phase of the installation in this area will be scheduled for late 2019.

This diagram shows how Newman will be expanded from 2 lanes to 4 as drivers approach McMillan. For more information call 656-2186.

The expansion of Newman Road will help enhance traffic flow as vehicles approach the intersection with McMillan Road.

McMillan Road near Redfern

Installation of underground utilities across McMillan Road between the Redfern Health Center and Edwards Hall is expected to begin the first week of July. This work should take approximately three weeks to complete.

Newman / McMillan Intersection

Newman Road is being widened to four-lanes north of McMillan Road. Work is underway to prepare for an upcoming road closure to be announced. Once started, the intersection will be closed for approx. three to four weeks, but expected to open by August 12. Aside from brief disruptions relying on flagmen to guide travelers through the construction area, Newman Road currently remains open.

Perimeter / Lot C-1

A new traffic light with dedicated turn lanes is being established at the intersection of Perimeter Road and the commuter parking Lot C-1. This area will see one-lane traffic at times, guided by flagmen to allow drivers to travel both directions in turn.

This diagram shows how Perimeter Road and Zeta Theta Road are being expanded to accommodate a new traffic light. For more information please call 656-2186.

The installation of a new traffic light as well as dedicated turn lanes will help ease congestion along Perimeter Road.

More information

Please see the Clemson University Road Work Google Map for the most up-to-date information on current construction schedules. We also post updates regarding the latest developments to our Twitter feed. Finally, those wishing to avoid having to navigate construction using their own vehicle can take advantage of Parking Services’ Park-n-Ride service. See their summer schedule for more information.

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