ME Alumnus, Richie Parker, participated in the “Outside the Box: Redefining the Diversity Label” panel

October 13, 2015

Richie Parker Image Credit: Clemson University

Richie Parker
Image Credit: Clemson University

The panel was part of Disability Diversity Awareness Day at Clemson, and an early event for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Month, which is happening throughout the month of October 2015.

While Richie was an undergraduate student here he worked on a project to develop a retro-fitted, foot steering system as part of a ME 4150 project with Dr. Summers. The system used flexible shafts and would fit into a classic truck. Without arms, he needed a different way to steer. His motivation was to save money and to enjoy rebuilt cars and trucks. Since graduation in 2005, Richie went on to work for NASCAR’s Hendrick Motorsports, further feeding his passion for engineering.

Richie’s story:

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