Follow Up Friday

July 1, 2022

Follow Up Friday: from the archives, ICYMI, and upcoming events

From the Archives

Providing engagement opportunities for learners is paramount for their success. There are a host of tools and strategies at your disposal to promote engagement with your learners. Such strategies include posting weekly announcements, replying to student emails within 24 hours, and providing helpful feedback in a timely manner. If you do these practices and want to go further, then consider offering a couple of anonymous survey opportunities throughout the semester and gather student feedback directly! Read our February 21 blog post “Providing Engagement Opportunities for Students”, to learn about strategies like this – and more – for promoting engagement.


Quick Hits: Getting Started with iClicker Basics

Whether you want to make your lectures dynamic by using real-time knowledge check quizzes or you want an easy way to poll your class about a topic, iClicker Cloud can help you. This iClicker basics Quick Hit is designed for those who are fairly new to navigating iClicker Cloud. Now is the perfect time to learn as we prepare our classes for Fall 2022. Join us for a brief overview of iClicker Cloud as we guide you through initial setup steps, and demonstrate the functions of iClicker Cloud. Facilitated by Axel Ruiz, Learning Technology Specialist.

Originally recorded 06.30.22

Watch the recording here.

Kaltura Training

If you missed the opportunity to join us for the June 27th and June 28th Kaltura training sessions, you have options! Either register for the July 11th and July 12th sessions below or you can watch previously recorded sessions, that cover the same topics, here.

Originally recorded 05/18/22 – 05/27/22.

Upcoming Live Training Events


Special Kaltura Training

If you missed out on our special Kaltura Training series and you would like to attend live virtual training on everything you need to get started with Kaltura, please see the schedule and links below. If you would like to watch the previously recorded May Kaltura training, then please visit our Kaltura training playlist.

Kaltura Basics I is an overview of Kaltura and how you can interact with it. It will introduce you to the difference between accessing Kaltura through Canvas and MediaSpace, the difference between My Media and Course Videos, adding an existing video to Kaltura, adding a collaborator (sharing a video), and embedding a video in Canvas. Be sure to register for Basics II, Advanced I, and Advanced II to learn even more about Kaltura! Facilitated by Gray Jackson, Learning Technology Specialist. For questions about this training, please email James Butler.

Kaltura Basics II is a demonstration of using Kaltura to create videos. It will cover accessing the Kaltura recorder, creating a video using the recorder, basic video edits, accessing your created video, and adding machine-generated captioning. Be sure to register for Advanced I & Advanced II to learn more about Kaltura!  Facilitated by Gray Jackson, Learning Technology Specialist. For questions about this training, please email James Butler.

Kaltura Advanced I is dedicated to creating interactive quizzes in your Kaltura videos. After this training, you will be able to create a quiz in Kaltura, add a video quiz as an assignment in Canvas, access quiz results, and use the Kaltura dropbox to let students submit videos. Be sure to register for Advanced II to learn more about Kaltura! Facilitated by Gray Jackson, Learning Technology Specialist. For questions about this training, please email James Butler.

Kaltura Advanced II focuses on quality pedagogy when using Kaltura. After this session, you will be able to implement best practices for using Kaltura and you will be able to explain how to use Kaltura to enhance your class.  Facilitated by James Butler, Digital Learning Strategist. For questions about this training, please email James Butler.

Quick Hits: Grouping Canvas Assignments – Assignment groups can be a great way to add weight to the grades in your courses. Join us as we explain and demonstrate how to group assignments in Canvas. We will also discuss how to provide online testing accommodations for different learning styles. Facilitated by Axel Ruiz and Gray Jackson, Learning Technology Specialists.

Workshop Wednesday: Easy HTML for Canvas Design Obstacles – A meaningfully organized and formatted course is foundational to successful online teaching. Canvas Pages offer some means to help with formatting your course content, but some design obstacles can persistently remain in the way of formatting the way that you wish. In this Workshop Wednesday, you will learn easy HTML codes, how to insert them, and what they do to help you overcome five design obstacles. This workshop is for anyone using Canvas to teach content of any kind and who is comfortable with basic Canvas Page editing. Facilitated by Laura Scott, Instructional Designer.

Quick Hits: Canvas Quizzes and Academic Integrity – Are you interested in learning how to secure your online tests and quizzes? Join us for a quick look at tools to help you ensure academic integrity in your classes. This training will provide a quick explanation and demonstration on the importance and how-to of securing your online assessments. Facilitated by Axel Ruiz and Gray Jackson, Learning Technology Specialists.

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