Follow Up Friday: Enjoy Your Break!

December 17, 2021

In Case You Missed It and Reflection & Rest

As we bring the year and the semester to a close we would like to wish everyone a restful break (as much as you can get it)! While the holidays are generally busy, we do encourage you to find some time to reflect on this past semester, your wins, losses, and your growth. Before you head out to enjoy your well-deserved rest (again, as much as you can get it) do check out what we have for you below.

In Case You Missed It

Before you head out be sure to check Sharyn Emery’s Monday Blog post about the Zoom updates coming your way. Get those updates in!

Reflection & Rest

As you take time to rest and prepare for the spring semester, some well-placed moments of reflection and investigation could help you identify what you can do for yourself and your students in the spring semester. Below are some questions to help.

Take at least five minutes (maybe with your morning coffee or tea) and ask yourself:

  • What part of my teaching/the semester/my classes am I the most unapologetically proud of and why?
  • What part of my teaching/the semester/my classes could I most easily change for the better? How would I change it?
  • Alternatively, identify your rose, bud, and thorn:
    • Rose: What are you most grateful for from this past semester? This could be anything from an interaction with a student, a success in the class, etc.
    • Bud: What are you most looking forward to? This could be about anything and it could be about the break or the spring semester.
    • Thorn: What was the biggest disappointment? … And how would you like to change that?

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