Personal Pronouns Now Enabled In Canvas

September 3, 2020

Today, Clemson Online enabled the Personal Pronoun function within Canvas. Now you can select personal pronouns to add to your user account. Personal pronouns display after your name in various areas in Canvas, including:

  • Comment Fields
  • Discussions
  • Inbox
  • People Page (Course and Groups)
  • User Navigation Menu
  • User Profile Page
  • User Settings Page

Please note: LTI tools within Canvas do not currently support displaying pronouns, so this information may not display within all tools active in courses.

To update your personal pronoun with Clemson’s instance of Canvas, open your user settings by clicking ACCOUNT from the Global Navigation menu on the left of the screen and selecting SETTINGS from the menu that opens.

From there, click EDIT SETTINGS and you should find this option under your name settings within the menu. Be sure to click UPDATE SETTINGS to save your selection.

Further instructions with pictures can be found here:

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