Asset deletion bug requires action

Matt Bundrick discovered a bug in our Cascade Server version that will cause an asset (page, file, folder, etc) to un-publish when deleted even if you don’t have the ‘Un-publish Content’ option selected in the delete window. It may also attempt to unpublish from servers which are not selected on that screen.

What action should you take to work around this bug?

Chose the ‘My Settings’ link in the top-right menu bar (or go to the System Menu/Preferences/User Preferences) and un-check the box labeled ‘Un-publish on Delete/Un-publish checked by default on entity delete screen.’ After doing this, the ‘un-publish content’ option should work as intended when deleting an asset.

Hannon Hill (the vendor for Cascade Server) has been notified of this bug and is working to resolve this in future software releases.