Upcoming Highway 93 Construction to Impact Traffic, Affect Calhoun Drive

December 5, 2017

Please see the University Facilities Disruption Calendar for upcoming disruption events.

In the coming year, planned construction along Highway 93 is anticipated to cause significant disruptions to both automotive and pedestrian traffic for this main campus thoroughfare.  An overview of the related project can be found on the University Facilities website, and we intend to use social media including this blog to help keep the public informed with updates and helpful information.  If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact project manager Jarred Fleming.

Calhoun Drive Schedule of Work, Section by Section

Calhoun Drive will experience its own series of disruptions to allow chilled water piping to be connected to the thermal distribution system planned for Highway 93.  The timeline for this work is January-March 2018.

Significant Dates to Remember

Below is an at-a-glance reference for the various phases of construction along Calhoun Drive. A detailed timeline is available that shows precisely what areas will be blocked off during each phase.

  • January 6th-7th – Closure of intersection of Calhoun Dr. and Highway 93.
  • January 6th-16th – Calhoun Dr. closed from Tillman Hall to the intersection with Highway 93.
  • January 13th-15th – Parking surrounding West side of Sikes Hall to be closed.
  • January 17th-February 9th – Calhoun Dr. closed from Tillman Hall to the intersection with Fort Hill.
  • February 3rd-4th – Closure of intersection of Calhoun Dr. and Fort Hill.
  • February 12th-March 2nd – Calhoun Dr. closed from Fort Hill Intersection to Olin Hall.

Regarding Highway 93, the timeline for construction will be roughly February 2018 to January 2019. More details will be made available in a future post once a contractor has been brought aboard.

Aerial of Anticipated Traffic Disruptions

Drone footage was obtained that shows a bird’s eye view of the portion of Highway 93 in which construction is expected to significantly impact traffic.  The drone flies approximately from 93’s intersection with Centennial Boulevard to the intersection with Cherry Road.

As with Calhoun Drive, work will take place in phases.  Lane closures are expected and Perimeter Road will be the recommended alternative path for campus travel throughout this project.

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